Our services

We are wherever our Clients are. Therefore, we are particularly interested in:

Contracts and obligations

LAWBERRY ensures its active participation in negotiating contracts and drawing up various types of agreements with contractors, partners or suppliers. We are experienced in developing general terms and conditions of contract, model contracts, procurement procedures, implementation agreements, and service agreements. We have dealt both with typical contracts, as well as with long-term, diversified projects that entailed multiple specialists. We have assisted in current performance of contracts that involves developing the necessary documentation and maintaining correspondence among the stakeholders concerned.

Legal proceedings

Businessmen usually refrain from court proceedings. It is quite understandable – it is much better to generate new values amicably without having recourse to enforcing any rights. At times, however, it becomes simply necessary to have a dispute solved at court. In such cases we ensure that the proceedings are transparent and as much as possible friendly to our Clients – we provide guidance through the meanders of Polish court and administrative court proceedings.

Employers and employees

Our services include consulting on the effective use of the labour law, both in terms of individual and collective cases. We represent employers in individual labour disputes, and ensure our support in the course of collective disputes or negotiations with trade unions. We participate in the everyday businesses of our Clients’ HR Departments, and help them solve their current problems, generate and maintain comprehensive employee documentation, and create in-company sources of labour law.

Investment management

We supervise legal aspects of investment processes. Our expertise includes green field projects that involve the creation of new or extension of existing manufacturing plants, including proceedings before competent administrative authorities, land purchases, as well as comprehensive regulation of legal status of real estate to be developed.