Katarzyna Figaj

senior hr specialist

Katarzyna Figaj deals with all aspects of the legalisation of foreigners employment and residency in Poland. 

She graduated from the Faculty of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University, and completed her postgraduate studies in labour law at the Faculty of Labour Law and Social Policy at the Jagiellonian University as well. 

Katarzyna Figaj is an experienced coordinator of all employee issues. Her work is based on the Labour Code, the Law on foreigners, and the Law on employment promotion and labour market institutions. At Lawberry she deals mostly with the processes for foreigners residence and work legalisation. 

She speaks English. 

Katarzyna Figaj

“I am convinced that body and mind balance is fundamental for all spheres of our lives, including work.”

Kasia loves being active in her spare time. She does a lot of cycling and that is how she explores new sites immersed in nature or integrated in urban architecture. She loves reading. Apart from numerous professional references, her private library is full of biographies, psychological and vegan cookbooks.

Kasia is an effective doer. She is openminded, she can take broad perspectives in her assessment of various situations, and she is sensitive to detail. “I like meeting new people and I am happy I have lots of chances to do so in my job. My individual approach to each person helps me see new opportunities and quickly attain our agreed goals.”