Katarzyna Darasz-Olszewska

attorney at law

Katarzyna Darasz-Olszewska is an attorney and member of Krakow Bar Association. 

She graduated from Civil Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. She completed her professional attorney’s training with Dr Andrzej Skąpski, PhD, as her tutor. 

At Lawberry, Katarzyna Darasz-Olszewska specialises in property law and contract law. She has extensive experience in representing clients before courts of law. 

She has a proficient command of English and Spanish.

Katarzyna Darasz-Olszewska

She loves driving fast cars as well as blasting down the steepest slopes on her skis. Though quick to act, she can slow down when necessary. “To me, legal work relies on well-thought-out strategies. Therefore, I would always meticulously search for best tailor-made legal solutions for my clients.”

Her motto? “You play the cards you’re dealt. You must know how to play. Though we are often faced with unexpected situations, we are the ones who know and can play our trump cards bets. So whatever the problem is, I am always part of the solution.” 

And this is true not only for Kasia’s professional work, but for her passion – strategic board games – as well.