Patrycja Żarska-Cynk

GDPR compliance specialist

Patrycja Żarska-Cynk is a sociologist by profession, and a personal data protection specialist by passion.

She was awarded her Master’s degree in sociology at the University of Wrocław, at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She completed her postgraduate course of study at the WSB University in Poznań, and her major was information security controller / data protection inspector. She completed another postgraduate course at Katowice Business University, where she studied to become a data protection inspector.

Patrycja Żarska-Cynk is a qualified auditor of internal systems for information security management (ISO/IEC 27 001:2017), and for privacy (ISO/IEC 27701:2019). She is a member of SABI Personal Data Protection Inspectors Association. 

For many years now she has carried out audits and built organisational solutions in GDPR Compliance, in particular for manufacturing and shipping companies. She provides advice in matters that involve the compliance of business solutions with personal data protection regulations. 

Patrycja Żarska-Cynk has a proficient command of German.

Patrycja Żarska-Cynk

Patrycja loves running and she would love to participate in Bieg Granią Tatr – the Tatra Mountains Ridge Run. In the local amateur Running Association called “Cała Oleśnica Biega” of which she is a member, she is referred to as a “privacy trainer” as personal data privacy is not only her professional but also personal interest. “I love seeing how after a detailed and often bothersome GDPR-diagnosis done for my clients, my GDPR-prescriptions change some exotically-sounding policies for customer personal data protection into clear practices that are willingly applied.” 

“I am convinced that effective personal data protection translates favourably into social relationships. And this is why I am a blogger who has her share in making the world a better place. On my blog I keep convincing my readers that personal data protection is an important issue for everyone, and I teach them how to minimize their digital traces.”