How we work


Some organizations do not find it practicable to outsource all their legal affairs, and prefer to retain strict control over their affairs while only consulting external specialists on certain issues. In practice, such cooperation can involve delegating a LAWBERRY lawyer to perform certain tasks together with the Client’s legal department, to provide remote support or to do specific work for the Client. Very often, however, such occasional aid becomes a long-term and close cooperation!


On the other hand, a need to look for cost-effective solutions may cause some companies to outsource certain processes. This may involve complex legal issues to be handled daily or just a section of legal work e.g. dealing with trade contracts. Usually, the process has two stages:

  • surveying the Client’s expectations and analysing the mechanisms in place
  • suggesting new solutions, followed with the relevant action.

Outsourcing services are performed by a team of lawyers managed by a partner who is responsible for contact with the Client.


Projects are specialist, long-term orders that require our particularly close cooperation with the Client, as well as an in-depth analysis of the issue concerned.