Why work with us?

If you think that working with us is easy, light and pleasurable – then you are right only in the latter respect. At LAWBERRY we believe that best results can only be achieved when you work in a truly pleasurable environment. Therefore, it is our priority to maintain an atmosphere of cooperation, as well as mutual assistance and learning.

We can promise that we will never let you get bored. At LAWBERRY we will keep you busy and challenged. Every day you will share in a great feeling of satisfaction.

At LAWBERRY we share our knowledge and experience. This is the only way to ensure the team’s constant development which translates into the effectiveness and quality of our business. We are committed to creating a labour environment which gives everyone opportunities to employ their competencies and talents. We want you to keep developing, so we will always challenge you, while at the same time ensuring the necessary support.

Who is it we are looking for?

We are interested in employing the best law students with an excellent command of English and with advanced computer skills.

In addition to solid theoretical background, candidates should be energetic, creative, communicative, conscientious, hardworking, responsible, committed and – what is particularly important – have a sense of humour.


We consider each application the moment we have a vacancy or a training post that corresponds to a candidate’s expectations and qualifications. The recruitment process is carried out by LAWBERY’s partners together with an external recruitment consultant. Selected candidates are invited for interviews based on the relevant job requirements. All interviewees are provided telephone feedback on the results of their interviews.

How to apply?

Candidates interested in taking up a job or serving their training at LAWBERRY should send their application forms to LAWBERRY’s Partners.